Alternative paintball ammo

The Duke Pepperball is the most potent on the market, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and natural capsaicin powder to irritate and gain compliance. The powder infiltrates the sensory system of an assailant, incapacitating the assailant for at least 15 minutes. The pepper projectile is also an irritant to the skin, nose, and eyes. By locating indoor paintball centers right within the center of cities and town also makes them a lot more attractive to businesses, which mostly are big customers - paintball is an excellent selection as a team bonding day for employees. Some of The Benefits of Indoor Paintball

Gel Blasters are a superior and safe alternative to airsoft, Nerf, super soakers, and paintball because of higher magazine capacity, full auto fire, no stain, long usage time on a single battery charge, and just the right amount of sting.
Answer (1 of 4): The "paintball guns" carried by many bounty hunters and private security officers are actually pepperball launchers. Pepperball launchers are weaponized derivatives of paintball guns that launch pepper spray loads in a medium velocity hard plastic shell as opposed to paint loads ...
Splatball guns shoot at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second. At this speed, you can see the ammo in the air before you see the satisfaction of the splat on your target. Splatball is designed so kids (and adults!) can easily cock, load, and fire. SW Paintball runs Splatball to provide a safe, friendly alternative to paintball.
The SplatMaster guns have range of about 75 feet, even though they shoot at a speed of ONLY 130fps -- THAT'S LESS THAN HALF THE SPEED OF A PAINTBALL GUN! Add to that equation that they come in at under 1/4 of the weight, and you have a perfect alternative for anyone uncomfortable with traditional paintball! Designed for ages 6-9.
T4E TR50 .50 Cal CO2 Paintball Pistol Revolver. 12g CO2 powered, 6 round paintball revol. $99.95. Add to Compare. Add to Wish list. 5.0 (9 reviews)
5. Glass Breaker Rounds. And then you have glass breaker rounds. While this can be shot using a paintball gun, this is not a good alternative if you're only playing paintball for leisure. In fact, glass breaker rounds might not even be legal when used in recreational activities, so better check your state's laws on them, What are glass ...
Jan 21, 2020 · Quest for paintball alternatives. Potatoes last one shot, so build reusable! Discuss ammo designs and ideas. Tough to find cannon part or questions? Ask here!
The History of Paintball - Alternative Paintball great Paintball is a sport that has grown rapidly in the last 30 years. Starting in just 1983, players can now participate in professional tournaments with grand prizes of $100,000!
5,414. Location: Liverpool. There seem to be more of this type of pistol coming onto the market and IMHO that can only be a bad thing. These 40-50 cal pistols are made to mainly shoot rubber ball ammo for the purpose of self defence. I have watched a few videos and thy are not very accurate even at 10m.
The .43 Cal Ultimate Balls are extremely effective, Best Self Defense Paintball Ammo Alternative New and improved Metal balls 2 grams, These work great and are intended for practice target shooting and possible home defense against intruders or animal attacks.
Paintball Manchester, official UK Paintball site. Full day of action for just £14.99 including 100 Free paintballs. ... this site offers the perfect setting for urban paintball and a great alternative for players looking for a different paintball experience. ... find your team the ammo box in our Medal of Honour zone and you'll be remembered ...
The more expensive the ammo, the more likely it is to be strong enough to withstand this force and leave the barrel without suffering damage. That being said, you can find plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market that are of a decent enough quality. More affordable paintball ammo does tend to irregular in shape, however.