Is treatland legit

Honda Moped KickStart Conversion | Express nc 50 1978 Scooter. Express moped kick start conversion is the way-to-go if your noped's starter spring is broken! You will not need any new parts, just a welding device to tack weld metal in place. Note: You will need to heat the starter spring up and rotate it 180 degrees.

A post shared by Rick McNerny (@wreckrebuildrepeat) on Aug 6, 2017 at 8:09pm PDT. I wanted to use a Puch Magnum pedal crank so it would pedal more like a BMX bike but that didn't fit right. (Keep an eye out for an upcoming post as I'm working on a custom crank for both TSMs.)
My brother in law is giving me a little bike....tiny really. I really haven't looked at it much and I thought I might take it to work since my boss fools with bikes some. I don't know the model or anything regarding this....just something to tinker with or get my boss to. All is know is from...
Honda Moped Muffler Modification how to video is here! Our moped performance tuning enthusiasts asked for it and it has been cut/edited and uploaded to YouTube for the world to enjoy. This simple scooter video walks you through the process of modifying your stock 1978 nc50 moped exhaust to increase the performance. The desired results will vary on your modification technique and moped setup.
May 18, 2015 · has a lot of moped tire options…Shinko SR241 19 x 2.75 is my favorite tall tire, It comes in about 24.5″ OD. 17 x 2.5 is going to be 21″ ish in OD, MTB tires are pretty expensive compared to moped tires. Maybe it is the size of the molds, or lower volume, or whatever.
The large 60mm air horn on the carb limits the choices in air filters, but again, Treatland has some options and I am using a Mallosi air filter from their site. I have purchased a Mikuni 20mm VM round slide carb and a Weak Ends intake to use with it.
Now that I've installed my new 50mm Top Performances kit from I'm all nervous about destroying my stock crank. You dudes and your crank disaster stories have got me all worked up :) I have ridden 5 times, at a little over 5 miles per ride. I've got 26.x miles on the kit now and I'm doing my best to resist the urge to twist the throttle all crazy-style hahaha...
Puddle Cutters. April 24 ·. Our once weekly meet up spot is now open for takeout! Go say hello to Michelle and get some yummy food. ️. Lucky House Restaurant & Lounge. April 24 ·. We have dinner ready for you, just give us a call (503)288-8411 or go through Grubhub, UberEats, Caviar or doordash. 66. Like Comment Share.
treatland of course. good morning and welcome to this decades treatland rally update. amidst all the chaos go and enjoy some time with chad burke in space (ok…online) at CBBG 11. there is a sick rizzato available at the raffle as well as a bunch of treatland gift certificates plus all your long lost friends you haven't seen since 2019 2018 maybe 2012 or 2005. i know there's some recluses ...
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Dec 2, 2012. #2. I bought my bumblebeebolton kit 2years ago. It arrived in 3days. I have put thousand of miles on it and have not had any break downs. It has proven to be a very reliable kit. Its a 26cc 2stroke engine it goes 27-30mph! I would guess it gets between 175-200miles per gallon.
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