Silverado overheating at idle

Overheating issue in 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 liter 4x4. Jump to Latest Follow ... since it overheats at high speed/high rpm the fan shouldnt be affecting things. ... Many skilled mechanics can check the flow by pulling the cap and watching the water at idle but this isnt a tried and true method and can at times lead to mis diagnosys.I have a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado. I replaced the motor with a 1993 engine. I started it and it got hot really fast. I replaced the thermostat, the radiator, temp. sensor, the fan clutch, and the water pump. I cannot drive it a mile without it overheating

Other Causes of Car AC Not to Cool at an Idle or a Stop. The car could be overheating - caused by something else other than the cooling fan. Heat transfer from the radiator to the condenser can alter efficiency, if the car is overheating. The AC compressor may not be pumping sufficiently at slower RPM's (revolutions per minute).
For Silverado and Sierra pickups, the engine was backed by either a 4L80E 4 speed automatic transmission (with overdrive) or the popular NV4500 5 speed manual transmission. Common problems with the 6.5 diesel include crankshaft, glow plug, and PMD failure. Overheating is also an issue with the 6.5L, and it can lead to cylinder head cracking.
Overheating My 2005 chevy silverado 5.3 v8 keeps registering high heat on the gauge (about 230 or so) and the front fans will kick on and run. I changed the thermostat in hopes of that fixing the problem but it didn't. Posted by Phil on Aug 23, 2013. Want Answer 0. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you ...
January 2001Dear Consumer:Thank you for contacting the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) about your GM Suburban, Tahoe/Yukon, full-size C/K or Silverado/Sierra pickup or Blazer/Jimmy sport utility vehicle. For years, GM had two Jimmys and two Blazers - one full size and one mid-size. In 1993, the big GMC Jimmy became the Yukon while the smaller S15 Jimmy became the only Jimmy. In 1995, the big ...
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Chevrolet Silverado 2004 Pick up 140000 miles. Battery Wiring Won't start Starting. Change hole top of the motornew head gasket new intake preface vale seats new valve seals valve covergaskets new battery new belt plugs wires now it won't start or even turn over what's is my problem. Gord from Canada 3 years ago.
What is the Proper Idle Speed for my 1993 Chevy Silverado PU Truck. Reader Question Hello My name is Martin I have a 1993 Chevy Silverado 1500 Pick up V8 350. I would like to know what is the normal idle speed when my truck is running cold? what is the normal idle speed when my truck is at normal temperature?
Go down to the local pick and pull and get some 2007-up Silverado 2500 electric fans. They will cover that entire radiator, flow way more air, and they only cost about $40-50 used. You can get a brand new set for about $140 also if you dont want junkyard ones, but you will also need to order pigtails if you get a new one.
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Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 2, 2008. Hi, I have a 1998 Grand Caravan w/ 3.3 l engine. Recently the van has been overheating while I am idling. It has been fine on the highway. I drove 3-4 miles today and pulled over to observe that the cooling fan was not running. When I switched on the A/C, the fans did kick on, however.
The Thermostat is a valve that lets the coolant pass through your cooling system and engine. When a thermostat is stuck in the closed position, water is no longer able to move correctly, and the car overheats. To check the thermostat, we have two options. The first option: Start up the car and let it idle for about 15 minutes. Carefully touch ...
2004, Chevy Tahoe, 5.3, 2WD My Tahoe started overheating a few days ago with antifreeze/water burping out of the reservoir. I thought it was the thermostat so I changed it, but that didn't help the problem. When idling with the radiator cap off, the antifreeze/water starts burping out the...